Friday, October 24, 2008

Daily session @ the PME H.Q.


So its the daily smoke session time, & we come to find out
basically no ones got trees. smh. So anywhom .. . we have
to end up copping from a connect in creek who did not tell
me he was charging 30/60 so what I asked for to be a 10 turns
out to be in a bag the size of the top of my pinky, literally.
Super mini bags is what im going to call what this man gave
me lmao. So he tells us its piff .. blahblahblah yeaa w.e.
buddy is what im thinking @ the moment. Pshhh well I was
wrong. But still my point is where in the baggeezzbuss is all
the good piff for the normal price for a good amount! lmao
shitttttt, now the reccessions getting to the green?? lawdd,
& it all falls down. hope it doesnt last for long =X