Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young Jeezy - Circulate

i lovelovelove me some jeezy!
so jealous im not going to see him
@ the live your life concert in miami
tomorrow with T.I.! ughh lol

Daily Word via Rev Run

'Brush Your Shoulders Off'

Good Morning. No simply means to ask again... A wise man
once said..... “Rejection is NOT fatal. It's merely someones
opinion.” You DO NOT have to close every deal to be a success!
Comedian Tracey Morgan said. “The key to my success is...
I never let rejection get me down”. Tracey is an amazing
example on how humility breeds success... (Here's the key)
Tracey Morgan just hung in there and moved on to others,
those who discerned his value.

God is Love
Rev Run

+ I just recently started recieving these emails & they are
very inspiring actually.
+ kinda had a rough start this week due to stupid immaturity
of people who cant mind their business.
+ but my new state of mind is to not care about the little
things; those should be the LAST thing to worry about; what
you should worry about is whats really important.
+ so ima 'brush my shoulders off' cause this is nothing but an
obstacle were going to overcome. something so stupid isnt
going to ruin what i have with him.

Jadakiss - Cant Stop Me

off his upcoming album "The Last Kiss" out March 10th

Jamie Foxx - Blame it

why is there mad actors in this video? LOL
anyways its still my jam; blame it on the henny! =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Daily Word via Rev Run

Good morning. Do you desire to be happy? (Remember this!)
The proof of desire is pursuit.... You must go to happy places.
Pursue happy people. Create happy days. If you reeeally desire
happiness in your life, you must be willing to reach for it! Never
blame anyone or anything for your unhappiness. Life rewards
reachers.... Happiness is NEVER placed in your life, happiness
is simply placed within your reach! Now go out there and have
a happy day.... :-) :-)

God is Love
Rev Run

Sunday, February 22, 2009

im behind

on my blog reads cause of this long weekend haha.
but ill be up on it soon enough =D

Recap of Oboogz Bday Weekend.

+ well for starters; thursday is when it popped off
oboogies official bday.
+ tacos for the bday dinner @ mi casa
+ ended with a latenight smoke session; but he didnt smoke lol
+ FRIDAY;; hotel party; 19th floor bitchesssss ;)
+ everyone was feelin pretty niceee haha
+ night didnt end how we wanted , got kicked out the telly smh.
+ but spent my night with my lovely
+ spelt basically all day saturday
+ dominican party @ sins casa on saturday night
+ mommys bday today, went to habachi for dinner
+ & guess what; im worn out! lol back to school 2mm ugh.
++ but heres some pics.
me & my lovely bday boy ;)
birthday shot!
the boys.

+ wooshh it was an intense weekend haha.
+ video coming soon lmao

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pimpin' Curly "The Fast Lane"

50 is way to funny WOW!
"mom tells me you tell her theres only two kinds
of people in the world; pimps and hoes" lmfaooo


Young Jeezy - Welcome Back

i love jeezy seriously LOL

Kid Cudi - Day n Nite

Kid Cudi is cute is his own way ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Too .. .

My Lovely Omar ;;
24th bday today woot woot!


+ & happybirthday to ms.TIANAMONIQUE.
++ dinner @ mi casa later con mis amigos =D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Joe Budden :: Padded Room


download here ;;

[+] when do I not love me some
Jumpoff Joe Beezy??.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

some new videos to view

T.I. ft. Justin Timberlake - Dead & Gone

Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi - Welcome to Heartbreak

Monday, February 16, 2009

Quote this;

I know it seems hard sometimes
remember one thing.
Through every dark night;
theres a
bright day after that.
So no matter how hard it get;
stick your chest out;
ya head up.. .
and handle it.

- tupac.

Become Legendary.

this has to be one of the hottest
jordan commercials ive seen in
a while!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Nate Robinson was bugginnnn.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

L.O.V.E Mixtape


yes it is here
brought to you by PlanetMarz own OMIE.
make sure you download this; straight fire

Happy Valentines Day!



hope everyone has a good day ;) x o x o

Friday, February 13, 2009

sign of relief.

finally; now my weekend will be complete.
I swear from track 1 to 17 is FIRE!


download; drake : so far so gone

Y.H.G.M epidemic


make sure you check these fellaz out,
straight outta baltimore; they hungry
artists just waiting to get in the game.
- shouts to my homie Mark Milly -
founder of Young.Hustlaz.Gettin.Money


click here
click here
click here

peep the myspace
blogspot; young hustlaz gettin money

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"I have less compassion than an average human"

lmfaoooo omfg 50 got me dying!

Valentines Video Playlist #12

Tyrese - Sweet Lady
video is on the sidebar

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Video Playlist #11

Avant - Makin Good Love
video is on the sidebar

just a little morning online shopping ... .

I had to cop it; the black one was already SOLD OUT!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

this thursday .. .

the DRAKE mixtape DROPS! AHHH!
make sure you download thattt


memories of summer in brooklyn.

my crazy friend sweeny chasing the subway lmao

Valentines Video Playlist #10

Blackstreet - Deep
video is on the sidebar

Monday, February 9, 2009

Start From Scratch

If I could start my life from scratch;
If I could take away the pain off my past;
If I had another chance I would do just that;
I'd give anything just to go right back.

how im feeling lately .. .

Valentines Video Playlist #9

Monica - Angel Of mine
video is on the sidebar ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coldplay x Jayz ;; Lost LIVE.

this is one of my favorite songs
both coldplay & hova are iLL.

it keeps getting funnier

50 is killin ricky; smh ahhahahhaa

Chocolate Rain.


Valentines Video Playlist #8

112 - Anywhere
video is on the sidebar.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Young Chris ft. Wale & Bun B - Searching

this song is so serious; like im seriously 
addicted to it; they talk about real shxt; 
searching for something BIG no matter
 what it is; you can get it ;)


listen up!

got a change to fill my blog fam in on; my video playlist 
will still be continuing today BUT just switching to the
sidebar cause after Omie pointed it out to me; I dont 
want my page full of video after video ahaha SO todays
video #7 is now posted on the sidebar ; & every video 
after that till the 14th will be too. make sure to keep 
checkin em out! ;) 


Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentines Video Playlist #6

Method Man feat. Mary J Blige - Youre All I Need
requested by oboogz & omie

Happy Birthday Bob Marley



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Uhaul Adventures

me & my bestfriend beings losers with
the uhaul we got to get out all the junk
in my garage so my car can go in there after
having it for a year 1/2 geeesshhh lmaoo



accessories = love

this is one of my new fav. necklaces =D


Valentines Video Playlist #5

Usher - Nice & Slow

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i love ME

finally realized that I need to start doing
things for me & not worrying so much about
others; I mean its my personality to be the nice
& generous person that I am; but sometimes I
may do it too much to the point where im not
happy. hmm sounds like time for a little change.

everyone should at least show some
love to themselves sometimes ;)


back in the day when I was 16;
my mom wanted pictures of me thats all lol

my blog fam is better than yours.

these are some of my favorite & loyal bloggers.
they each always have something good for me to
read & I try to do the same for them. Also theyre
always able to leave some amor on my comments.
& besides the fact of me callin them my blog fam;
they might as well be part of the twitter crew too lol


be sure you check em` out =D
in no speficic order.
jeh sick uh


this may be random but I just really need a BLUNT!
BADDD! smh; i swear today is not my day; 1: I feel like
nothing is progressing lately. 2: I cant stand girls at the
current moment smfh; I just hate all the shit/backstabbing/
bullshit/thinking that everything revolves around them/
the on my shit all the time shit!/EVERYTHING! & then
people wonder why I only fxcks with a few. 3: my hands are
fxcking cold for some reason & I live in south florida smh.
4: I need to stop worrying so much about others & put ME
first; all I ask for is appreciation & I barely get it from anyone.
ughhhhhh sometimes I wanna just scream at the top of my
lungs & cry my eyes out till theres nothing left; I feel alot of
stress lately & dont know the cause of it. I wish I could tell
people that im happy & I love my life; but something isnt right.
I feel like i have no one to talk too sometimes because when I
do; I cant stand peoples remarks. its like people I listen to are
complete strangers. I barely get to be with my bestfriend
anymore because she works all the time & then is with her
boyfriend. I barely see my friends during the week cause ive
basically become a homebody & dont like to be out; then when
the weekend comes; it feels like it flys by in a flash then its
back to bullshit. then theres him. who all I ask for sometimes
is alone time but he always works & basically theres only time
on the weekends. ughhhh dont know whats wrong with me,
watever, hopefully this blunt will do me good.


Valentines Video Playlist #4

Musiq Soulchild - LOVE

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i heard this song today on the radio & started wylin!
no one can front like this wasnt the jam back in the day!

this video is so dumb lmfao

peep the new banner.

finally had some time to make one ; sorta my 1st time working
with photoshop ; im an illustrator person lol. thanks for the help
with troubleshooting omie ;)

Valentines Video Playlist #3

Ginuwine - So Anxious

Monday, February 2, 2009

just listen .. .

This is one of my favorite songs.
You just gotta listen to it to understand.

Can I live, Can I breathe.
Or make mistakes so senselessly
Am I far from redemption
Cause I don’t love you perfectly

Cause its human law
That everyone falls
That’s where I go wrong

Like clouds in the sky
Some men do cry
Just look in my eyes

If you look at me a little bit deeper
And see that I need you to understand who I am
Put your faith in me babe
Even though it’s hard to believe

I’m so human, so damn human
Every time I try to keep you satisfied
You fail to realize
I’m so human, too damn human
But everyday I try to be a better man
I hope you understand …yeah

Call me broke, call me selfish
Because my lucks just hit or miss
Or are my dreams less ambitious
Because I live life simply

Cause its cupids law
That we all have flaws
But love conquers all

So there is no use
To point and accuse
We all got issues



What do you want from me
A thousand apologies
For all that I say and do

Why can’t I gain your trust
Is my love not enough
To make up for my mistakes

But I try honestly
To give you the best of me
Though I know its hard sometimes
Baby look inside….OOOHH

Valentines Video Playlist #2

Jagged Edge - I Gotta Be

Ryan Leslie NEW ALBUM

thankss to the girlss @ DTY
im jammin to his whole CD
which drops february 10th
pshhh me wait? yea right.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

L.O.V.E Mixtape

as well as my valentines video playlist; the PME team will be
releasing a mix for you FREE to download. Itll be containing
only classic Hip-Hop Love Joints :] , & who could resist that
right? make sure you cop it; its definetley something you need.
Availiable 02.07.09

Language . Of . Valued . Emotions


+ expect the unexpected .
+ mmm.planetmarzent.mmm
+ PME takin over this shitttttt

superbowl sunday!

gettin ready for later; food; beer; & my crew @ mi casa.


Valentines Video Playlist #1

H-Town : Knockin the Boots