Tuesday, June 30, 2009



*That was the shot fired at VIBE for making this thier last cover!

why them? SMH! LOL

I Miss The Roots

Ive been jamming to this song all night for some reason!

Monday, June 29, 2009

American Apparell AD?


Ima send my picture in! i wanna model for them! LOL
what im wearing is all AA clothes, what you thinkk??

i cant believe .. .

DRAKE signed with Young Money. UGH.
whatever, his decision.. .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fuerza Bruta Miami


Fuerza Bruta is a non-stop collision of dynamic music, visceral emotion, and kinetic aerial imagery.

Featuring mind-blowing visual effects that must be seen to be believed—a man running full throttle through a series of moving walls, women frolicking in a watery world suspended just inches above the audience—FUERZA BRUTA is a theatrical experience that floods the senses.

Having already taken South America and Europe by storm and thrilled New York for a year, FUERZA BRUTA is now coming to the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami. Get ready to immerse yourself in a 360° heart-pounding theatrical experience!

This is where ill be tonight! :) Seems pretty interesting... .

Friday, June 26, 2009

NEW DAY26 Videos

" Truth is a Lie "

" Girlfriend "

* truthfully i love both songs, the album, & the first album!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson


Im truly devastated, ive been a huge fan since I was little!
Me, my sisters, & cousins used to sit around the house all
day & sing his songs & watch 'Moonwalker' over & over again
until we got the dances down! even through all that nonsense
he went through I still remained a fan & bought his albums!
i really cant believe hes done, hes the reason I started dancing!
the way he came up with the moonwalk was amazing! ive
tried so many times to do it but NO ONE can do it like him!
he really was the king of pop & the reason many people started
thier carrers in the entertainment buisness, he def is on of
my idols & will always be! well miss you MJ!

this is only ONE of my favorite songs of his, BILLIE JEAN!

& this happens to be my favorite part in MOONWALKER!

Poetry Night

So lastnight me & some friends went to a bar our friend
promotes that has poetry nights, but every wednesday is
"erotic night" LOL so yesterday being wednesday, & us
having nothing planned, decided to go check it out. Ive
never been to live poetry, only watched it on the tv. So
it was my first time to something this this, especially
"erotic poetry" & it was amazing! they way they cn explain
things in such detail had me in a wow! my friend Desirée
even performed two pieces of her own & she killed it!
everyone they had was talented! they also had a guest
star by the name of B. Yung who has been seen on HBO's
show presented by Russel Simmons: Brave New Voices.
its just like def poetry jam, but this is for the youth. Ive
never had the chance to really watch it but it seems pretty
dope. anyways this dude B. Yung is a beast! I even bought
a CD from him for $10 to support him. heres a clip of him
off of Brave New Voices so you can feel what im sayin...
he goes hard on this piece like you could almost feel his pain.

click here; to see brave new voices 1st episode.
hes the first one to come up & tell you about himself.

Transformers 2


So no I cant wait to see this movie even though it came out yesterday!
LOL no I didnt do the midnight showing, was thinking about it but no,
im waiting till this sunday to see it in the... ..

imax logo Pictures, Images and Photos

*already got the tickets owww owww haha.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reflection Enternal - Back Again

seriously, idk when I dont ever love some KWELI?!


50 - I'll Do Anything

OK either its because im blitted or this video is just hilarious?
The minute it started I was already laughing, I mean ive liked
50 since "Get Rich or Die Tryin" came out & I believe that was
his hardest album! His music after that was good here & there
& the mixtapes were hot but then he kinda like fell off, & now
this CRAP?! lmao i admit its like a lil catchy, but not as much
as I would wanna download it or something, I mean his jacket
was hot but all that logo shit isnt poppin anymore LOL. too
much I think, & then that "Ill....(pause)...Do Anything (fast)" is
HA-FREAKIN-LARIOUS! no idea why but im dying at this
video, honestly I feel like im going with a THUMBS DOWN
for this, SMH @ you 50! & WTF IS BooBootTv? lmao
“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”
- Bob Marley


& that is exactly what im about to do to
free my mind from this temporary stress.

Footprints Fade

It’s so hard to tell time with the
Days coming and going. Now
Evaporates so quickly and sleeping
Only makes the nights fly. Clinging to
Fallen moments just so you don’t
Forget. Gone walks away slowly and
I can taste yesterday faintly.
How does one prepare for already?
Counting moments with dead rose pedals.
There’s no class that teaches the
Art of saying goodbye. Questions rising and the
Answers being swallowed by tomorrows
That never seemed to come through. Time always
Knows when to withdraw and then
Present itself when convenient and less
When appropriate. Snapping your wrists
To get the attention of a yesterday
Who must have forgotten how to say farewell.
Applauses come from forced kisses
Fallen upon cheeks that have become
A roadway for incomplete love spells
We become unfinished once the music stops
And I am of the Coltrane and Holiday kind
I have loved others but your now
Always overrides their then. Face beams with
Here and going stops when your
Footprints step upon its toes.
I miss you most in the mornings, though.
When the dew from the night before
Swelled upon your tongue
When the morning sun shined in perfect angles
Through my blinds
It was almost as if the sun asked
Your eyes to dance and you obliged
Speechless and in love, I often lost the words
To your smile [it was always unfair battle]

But I will not reminisce on days that never came
I will not play with memories that never happened
And I will never wish they had
Moments come when they are supposed to,
Never rushing and never late
Though I crave you still; I will not indulge in your

Love. Tianamonique
- I always love her words

Im So Free Sundays

Heres some pictures of Me, PME, &
friends this past sunday @ Bamboozles .





pictures done by SMITHOGRAPHY

Foxy Lady


Megan Fox is such a bad bxtch! thats it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

feel me?

Forever and Today

U say that u'll love me forever but what about today
As the dusks become dawns and the years pass on,
will u love me the same way?
if so, let us rejoice and bathe in constant pleasure.
if not spare my heart today and i shall recover before forever.
And if my doubts and ?'s upset u, forgive my fragile heart.
i just wanted 2 know if you'd love me forever..
before today would start!

Tupac Shakur

*this poem just hits me in a certain way cause my babe blogged it for me on my
bday & the minute i read it, its like i knew exactly what it meant.. too bad blogger
doesnt have "reblog" like tumblr lol :)

Wale & 9th Wonder : Back to the Feature Mixtape

Melinda Maria Jewelry

My mother recently purchased me some jewelry
from this site & I absolutley LOVE it! all her
accessories are to die for! check it out for yourself!
heres the ring I got & some other favs on mine :)

Clipse - Kinda Like A Big Deal (feat. Kanye West)

off of the new album, Til The Casket Drops, set to drop in September.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

xclusive bday video via PME!

LMAO! omg i love my friends! PME waddupp 3x?!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

iPhone 3.0 update


& it will be on my phone in a few moments :)
yay! I'm obsessed with my iPhone btw hahaha..

new to the outrageous iTunes library;

this is how we do it . . .

every single one of these commercials throughout
the playoffs & finals were HILARIOUS! LMAO

happy birthday Tupac Amaru Shakur


RIP June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996
today he is still one of my favorite rappers & poets.
his book "the rose that grew from concrete" has
inspired me in many ways.. .

Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl

Monday, June 15, 2009


happy birthday cupcakes Pictures, Images and Photos

yay! the big ONE-NINE! LOL

xclusive happy birthday vid via Chorde!

how freaking sweet of mi amigo!? lol thankk youu chordeee!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

boy band days . . .

so as i was in the car yesterday with my sister & friend,
we began to talk about how crazy we used to be over boy
bands like nsync & backstreet boys, or even the spice girls!
lmfao soooo we just had to find the songs & jam out haha
me & my sisters were def. NSYNC fans over backstreet lmao
& i just had to post their first video along with this cause
no girl can say they didnt like this song!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

big ass chain



& the coutndown continues . .

6 days till my birthday!

this is all for you .. .


_ x15

Makeshift - No Doze Mixtape


this tape is hot right here; straight outta cali
make sure you cop this, download here;;

Sunday, June 7, 2009

hangover = no bueno

so lastnight had to be intense cause i dont remember much
lmao; i remember i was at a party at my friends house with
the crew; we were chillen & drinking; you know usual house
party style; suddenly i was in the bathroom hugging the
toilet smh, guess i passed out & basically blacked out cause
i dont remember leaving the house; getting to my car; or
anything; all i know is i passed out in that bathroom then woke
up in my babes bed in the middle of the night smh. my friends
tell me they carried me out & put me in the car & my babe
just took me to his house & basically took care of me :) awww
but on a bad note; i feel like i puked my whole stomach out
& half of it was IN my car smh! now i need a really good
detail.. . FML! im still not feelinh do well right now but i just
thought i should share this with you guys cause its actually
quite funny; hope this doesnt happen next weekend for my
bday! =X

p.s. FXCK RUM & KEGS! lmao

the cookies fortune.. .


"the heart is wiser than the intellect"

Wale - Family Affair

Friday, June 5, 2009


Featuring; Ashley Outrageous




check out his site! SMITHOGRAPHY on Flickr
follow him on twitter @SMITHOGRAPHY



Site is Under the Knife
but will be back up soon



lmao; i chosen this pic cause she'll prob be
taking some shots of this tonight haha!
love you sister!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

quick update . .

till my birthday!
lets get some blog shoutouts frm the fam :)

Words of Wisdom

Good morning. The law of momentum is beautiful!
A moving force can not be stopped unless an opposing
force comes against it! DONT STOP MOVING! When
the river stops flowing, all types of crap comes to the
top! Don't just stand there,, DO SOMETHING! Slow
is better than no motion! (Remember!) Don't
let your fears stop you from moving forward and living
your dreams! Finally... Even if you fall on your face,

God is Love
Rev Run

Blueprint 3??

Dropping September 11th?
hmmmmm ... lets seee . . .

Wale - Chiilin feat. Lady GaGa

this is my shit :)

Kanye West :: Paranoid feat. Rihanna (official video)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009



oh yea && mac photobooth hehe.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SKEME - Skeme Of Things 2 MIXTAPE



this song is catchy. i admit it =/

My BIRTHDAY is in 13 days!

Im having a party @ my bestfriend vanessas house
with some of my closet friends, its going to be crazy,
frm bottles & bottles to beerpong to pifffff ; better &
cheaper than going to a club or renting a telly to me,
now we can have as much as we want & go crazy! but
even though its @ her house; its still my bday & i wanna
dress up & look cute :) im thinking about these two
dresses via shopnastygirl.com ; what do you think??



Monday, June 1, 2009

Dont Trip..Yet: limited Bags & Pins


$16 + shipping
Get your limited edition tote bag exclusively at
DontTripYet.com @ SHOP! ONLY a few are left.
Each bags comes with Urban Decay Purple Haze
Mascara, Two DTY exclusive pins, Two DTY postcards,
& a Thank You letter with Princess of the Posse sticker.
Get it before there gone.

[+] I ordered mine today & cant wait to get it =D

check out their site

soon youll understand.

I don’t want you to hate me, this
is about us. Rather me; I ain’t ready
to be what you want me to be,
Because I love you,
I want you to leave, please.

- hova

Twlight 'New Moon' preview

I can literally not wait for this to come out! =X