Sunday, June 7, 2009

hangover = no bueno

so lastnight had to be intense cause i dont remember much
lmao; i remember i was at a party at my friends house with
the crew; we were chillen & drinking; you know usual house
party style; suddenly i was in the bathroom hugging the
toilet smh, guess i passed out & basically blacked out cause
i dont remember leaving the house; getting to my car; or
anything; all i know is i passed out in that bathroom then woke
up in my babes bed in the middle of the night smh. my friends
tell me they carried me out & put me in the car & my babe
just took me to his house & basically took care of me :) awww
but on a bad note; i feel like i puked my whole stomach out
& half of it was IN my car smh! now i need a really good
detail.. . FML! im still not feelinh do well right now but i just
thought i should share this with you guys cause its actually
quite funny; hope this doesnt happen next weekend for my
bday! =X

p.s. FXCK RUM & KEGS! lmao


AMA2009 said...

hahahaha thats the funniest thing I have heard this morning!!! Love you sis...hope your feeling better

Lyrik.Marie.Simmons said...

ALCHii !!