Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quest - Broken Headphones Mixtape


Presented by 2dopeboyz; illRoots; & HipHopDX!

if you havent already; make sure you cop this! ive met him personally & hes mad cool in general & ill with the lyrics, just see for yourself :)



on a good note; im a very big young jeezy fan & im hype hes on the cover of XXL! also ive been dyin at the fact he said "ill smack that shit outta dj drama" lmfao! ahhh gotta love him! currently listenin to: jeezy - dont do it.

I got this feeling.. .

as if im stuck. stuck in situation that has grown bigger into what it shouldnt have. like ill never be able to be right for once when i know im not the guilty one. life seems to be entertaining lately, the things that come & go or take place or unexpected, i mean no one is a physic & can predict what will happen, & nobody can tell you how to fix it, its just as if you have to let go & see where the wind blows, a freindship means alot to me, if your a friend of mine you already know how caring i am to everyone else, even sometimes to put them before me. maybe its time that i do me though. & stand up for myself. I can only be me, im not going to let anyone judge me or bring me down, but a situation like this just keeps going around & around in my brain, so what were we from the beginning? friendship is something everyone admires; to mess it up takes alot. but this is life right? "Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you." -Wally 'Famous' Amos

Happy Bithday too . .


Happy Birthday Miss. Nellz! I hope you have a great day! & shes preggy people! so were all excited for the new edition to the world! I wish you the best :)

Dead Prez - Summertime

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Words Of Wisdom

Good Morning. Do You wanna be happy? Then never,
ever be in a hurry to be at the top.. Enjoy your
journey... One of my favorite quotes in the whole
world that has saved me a bunch of unnecessary
foolishness is... “Do your best and forget the rest”
... Here's another! (Adopt the pace of nature,
her secret is patience) -Ralph Emerson

God is Love
Rev Run

- been going through some personal things lately;
& this def. helped this morning :)



Happy Birthday to one of my besties; SIN! I hope you have a great day & I wanna thank you for being the great friend you have been for over 3 years now! our friendship means alot to me & you already know this :) ill always have your back no matter what! till the E.N.D! haha

Tuesday, July 28, 2009




Monday, July 27, 2009

Outrageous Xclusive



use this REPCODE when shopping on karmaloop! & get 20% OFF! this is supporting my babe OBoogz, check out his site as well :)



Oh I cant wait for this :)

Lebron James Documentary Preview

Friday, July 24, 2009

Outrageous Xclusive

So im trying to keep an xclusive song avaliable for download each week from upcoming rappers or even known ones! lol ill get there someday watch! but if you would like to be one; please email a track you believe in & a picture.

previous Outrageous Xclusives have been
Dave Flyer from ATL & Skeme from Cali
click on thier names to download the song :)

Freeway - Grindin'

Jay Z - Run This Town feat. Rihanna & Kanye


how do yall feel about this song being his single; im feeling it but thats my opinion; let me know!

listen here;;

you belong with me*

weird thing is, I was never a fan of Taylor Swift but this song is supper cute! & the video is as well!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

J.Cole - Grown Simba LIVE

kudos to the homie PAT & his site "DOPEscience" for letting my peep this video! if you dont know; i love J.Cole :) & thisss is my jammmmm! with that said; if you dont have "The Warm Up" mixtape you are SLACKING!!

Outrageous Blog Love

So I have many favorite blog sites; but besides PlanetMarz & Mind of the Poised; which I check everyday; I always find myself on DCtoBC & 2DOPEBOYZ. Both sites always have posts that interest me from new music to funny videos; if you havent visited these sites yet, I encourage you too! Both are a huge inspiration to me & my site! :)

DTY Presents: Summer Breeze Mixtape


Summer may be coming to end soon; but if you havent downloaded this mixtape from my girls over at DTY you need to now! trust me its a great addition for your playlists :) & its FREE!

download here;;
Check out DONT TRIP .. . YET

Tabi Bonney - Jet Setter

Beanie Sigel - The Focus


Yup! the wait is OVER! expect a new album from Beanie the 1st of September 2009! features include Freeway, Young Chris & Young Neef :) oh how ive been waiting for this! I think they should do a ROC tour with everybody but peedi crack lmao.

A Comeback?

So how do you guys feel about Mase trying to make a comeback?
Im going to admit im a bit iffy about this; listen to the track, hot or not?

Mase - "Thinkin About You"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Loso's Way Movie Trailer


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Arrivederci Interview!

Hopefully this video helps you viewers learn some facts about the band! It was a great interview & im glad I had the opputunity to do it! keep on the look out for them! cause theyre gunna be huge! :)

Shouts to ARRIVEDERCI! My co-host Diamond Deluxe! Photography by Elisa of Fierce Photo! & The amazing video & production by OBoogz!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Students of the Culture Mixtape


Presented is the “Students of the Culture” Digital Compilation from in association with The album features established and upcoming names in Hip Hop such as The Kid Daytona, Wale, Big Sean, Cymarshall Law, Nickelus F, Pugz Atomz, Shawn Chrystoper, Christian Rich, and more. A Karmaloop 20% promotion code will also be included in your copy of the album which you can use for purchases at Karmaloop. Special thanks to all the sponsors.

WE |PME| ARE A SPONSOR Photobucket


Download HERE;;

Skeme Outrageous Xclusive


This right here is SKEME straight outta Cali! I heard his stuff way back on & was feelin' his flow, after downloading his mixtapes & chatting with him through twitter :) LOL we now have an Outrageous Xclusive! make sure you check it out & download!


Arrivederci Interview Preview

COMING SOON! Heres some pics of the taping
Shouts to the band & Fierce Photography!


& shouts to my PME Members OBOOGZ & Diamond Deluxe


Friday, July 10, 2009

John Legend Concert Pics!

So the concert was AMAZING! we had such a good time! we even saw
D.Wade & Alonzo Mourning after the show! We hit up Johnny Rockets
for a bite after the show then made our way over to the new WET
WILLIES in the hardrock :) overall it was a great night! videos
coming soon! thank you again baby!

Beyonce - Sweet Dreams

Thursday, July 9, 2009

John Legend Concert Tonight!


I will be attending the concert tonight with my lovely OBoogz at the Hardrock LIVE tonight! Im so excited! I love John Legend & I was dying to go to this concert! I had told my boyfriend previously that I wanted to go & he played it off as if he didnt, but my birthday coming up the next week, he surprises me by the tickets being apart of my present! :) hes amazing! thank you again baby! I will try & get some pics tonight so I can post them later. Anyways, off to figure out what Im going to wear!

Dave Flyer Xclusive


This track may be on AIRWAVES or it may not; but heres a listen of what hes bringin' to the table.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Arrivederci Interview Coming Soon to


I saw this band perform LIVE last week at a poetry spot & immediately loved their music! keep on the look out for my video interview with them coming soon! for now check out some music & rock to the beat :)

Thanks to my girls once again over @ DTY! I found this site where they sell the cutest clothes, sorta vintage looking, but its all in euros =/ ehhh im still going to buy something soon LOL hopefully this dress :)

Joe Budden Tv

"How Soon is to Soon to Call?"


Charms Lollipops :)


ohhhh how I love them lmao yes I know its random but I just had one yesterday for the 1st time in a while & it reminded me of how much I love them lmao, thanks to these I got my 1st cavity haha

Loso; Welcome to my Workplace


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To My Followers;

Sorry for my lack of updates! I know before i was on point everyday & kept you guys up to date, ive just been busy lately, lots of things going on with PME & easily sidetracked *joe budden voice* LOL & I also admit, that I am guilty of being addicted to twitter & I think the rest of us bloggers can agree. haha, its like mini blogging :) but anyways! Ima get back on my game & do what I do! feeelssss meeee? haha

well heres some words of wisdom for the day :)
Good Morning. Today we CAN make great things happen. If its a desire and you want it bad enough and work on it hard enough,, IT'S POSSIBLE! The scripture says, “with God ALL things are possible!” Remember not impossible but,, HIM-POSSIBLE!

God is Love
Rev Run

Coming Soon; Dave Flyer : AIRWAVES


this is my homie for a minute now; straight outta the ATL! we seriously became friends thanks to twitter LOL & now we got some collabos going on with him & our very own PME aritsts Sin & Chorde! No lie, be sure to look forward to August 09'.. . its going to be SERIOUS!

check out some of his music here;;

Trey Songz - Anticipation


this mixtape is sick! def. worth a download :)

what is Marvelocity?