Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

woooooo so its that time again ! Halloween where
you can be anything you want to be ! this weekend should be
pretty fun . Tonight haunted house in coconut grove w the
homiesz & tomorrow house partyyy is gunna be intense !

Halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

if you havent VOTED get your ass to it ASAP !

Thursday, October 30, 2008


So the Obama rally was amazing! If you havent voted yet please
go out & vote its very important, we only have 5 days left to
make CHANGE!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


yess its true , Barack Obama will be in Sunrise tomorrow along
with his running mate Joe Biden.. . you already know ima be there
with my TRUE Obama supporters Omar & Samantha ! well definitely
be there EARLY this time lol.


Early Vote for Change Rally
with Barack Obama

This Wednesday, October 29th, please join Barack Obama in Sunrise, where he will talk about his vision for creating the kind of change we need.

Early Vote for Change Rally
with Barack Obama

BankAtlantic Center
One Panther Parkway
Sunrise, FL 33323

Wednesday, October 29th
Doors Open: 4:30 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required; however an RSVP is strongly encouraged.

Preferred entry passes are available at the ticketing locations below.

For security reasons do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners permitted.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Video of the Day

LMFAO. this guy is wylinnnnn! has to be the funniest
video EVER !!! yall better get that febreze tide & a
car battery! lmao

oh ya & her booty was flapjackstacktisss ! ahahaha

I Early VOTED!

YES YES YES! Today I had finally stopped being lazy &
went to vote with my bestfriend vanessa , we waited in
line for about 45mins but if anyone has noticed the
weather it was no biggie. I was out there reppin' the
one & only Mr. Barack Obama! Had my pin on & got many
compliments, also I was stared at by some McCain
supporters.. .psshhh haters lmao. Well if you havent
already voted you should ASAP! Nov.4th is going to be
crazy so I would recommend early voting, this is a very
important election year! BE APART OF HISTORY! OBAMA 08'!


Just for Him .

well my lovely had recently wrote me something,
it had touched me so much the only thing I can
do is give him something in return, Now I'm not
a poet or anything but sometimes I do like to
write, I just need a bit of inspiration, & he
definitely has given it to me. So here it is.

I wanna keep this real, Just fill you in on the deal.
Sometimes theres no way to explain the way you make me
feel. Theres something I see in you that you don't. Ima
be by your side, ima hold you down. Your smile brightens
my day, & I just wanna say .. . your impeccable. It doesn't
matter what anyone else thinks, your perfect. Because of
you, I believe when they say impossible is nothing,because
you're truly something ..special. & For me, I'm only human ..
but ill do the best I can to keep that smile across your
face. Someday it'll be me & you. Until then, remember that
ill never let you down.. . theres no more stars, I'm
right next to you. hand & hand.. . only if you could ..

now lets take a trip to our own world ,
so I can show you why I'm 'that girl' .


50 cracks me up.

50 cent talking about kanyes upcoming album '808's & heartbreak'.
just peep the ending lmaoooo , 50 is a comedian.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arab Money Comedy REMIX

lmfaooooo ; these muthafxckas are bugggin out.
peeep the big guy around 1:55 ahahahaha

Estelle ft. Sean Paul - Come Over

ahhh just love this song, shes a beast :]


Sooooo the craziest thing had happened today, me & omie are
on out way to alfys casa to pick him up. Well I pull in 1st
& park, everythings fine. Omies pulls up & says "hey, did
you see that guy @ the front with the binoculars?". Im like
wtf is this guy talking about?! what guy?! So alfy gets in
the car & us being very interested in what this man was doing,
we go by again to see if hes there. 1st thing hes not standing
up anymore & we think hes gone, until we look @ the bushes &
this man is crouched down in the bushes in fxcking camoflauge!
were on royal palm ok, what in the hell is this man doin in
camo, with binoculars, hiding behind bushes? So obviously
were buggin out like omg whats he doingg??? We come back say
30mins later & hes still there!! Looking like hes plotting
something! At this moment were thinking about if its maybe
because we had just smoked? Or who knows! & to top it off
alfy has to suggest .. ."wow, what if we were just driving
by again & we get snipped through the window?" lmfaoo

had to be the funniest part of the day ahahaaa.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Longest game of Monopoly EVER!

Sooo last night I had played the longest game of monopoly.
This game lasted for I think over 3 hrs & it was full of
skemeing (oboogz) , mind twisting (omie), begging (jeannie),
brokeness (ezzy), & the holder of BOARDWALK (me) lmao. Soon
some of us had to give up & decided it was a tie between omie
& omar .. . sneaky bastards lmao.It was certainly very fun
though. Monopoly night is about to be a monthly thing ahaa.
I do have videos of this intense game (thanks to sin), theyll
be up shortly.


p.s. HSM 3 was AMAZING! ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008



I admit that at one point I was definitely anti-high school musical.
But last night me samantha & jassi had a HSM 1&2 movie night , & let
me tell you that even though there's mad singing & dancing, the movie
is maddd cutee , i even shed a tear lol. I definitely want to see the
3rd one that came out TODAY!

Beyonce - If I were a boy

This song has been out for a little while but finally I
have just seen the video 10 mins ago & felt like I needed
to post it. She killed this song, everything she says is
so true. Maybe some guys will realize how they make thier
girls feel sometimes, & how one day when you don't even
expect it she'll be gone, shes moved on.

intimacy , honesty , comitment , you , me , us .

& thats really all you need when you find that person .

Definition of 'Ashley'

on behalf of , this is
the definition of my name lmao.

5. Ashley

A fly, crazy, fresh, princess, ditzy, beautiful, gangster, barbie,
diva, fun, irritating, badass, playertastic, indescribable; young
lady who always looks her best. not many can handle her.someone
who is talked about; on a regular basis. but doesnt give a fuckkk.
someone who knows what she deserves and won't settle for anything less.
She just floats with ease, and never struggles with anything she does.
She must always meet the expectations and live up to her rightful
name of the awesomest person everyone knows.

"Damn, did you see Ashley today?" "Yeah bruh, shes lookin fine as always." :]


lmfao that gave me a good laugh,
thanks to wifey for telling me about the site.

Daily session @ the PME H.Q.


So its the daily smoke session time, & we come to find out
basically no ones got trees. smh. So anywhom .. . we have
to end up copping from a connect in creek who did not tell
me he was charging 30/60 so what I asked for to be a 10 turns
out to be in a bag the size of the top of my pinky, literally.
Super mini bags is what im going to call what this man gave
me lmao. So he tells us its piff .. blahblahblah yeaa w.e.
buddy is what im thinking @ the moment. Pshhh well I was
wrong. But still my point is where in the baggeezzbuss is all
the good piff for the normal price for a good amount! lmao
shitttttt, now the reccessions getting to the green?? lawdd,
& it all falls down. hope it doesnt last for long =X

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogger addiction take 1

im going to kill omie & o boogie for puttin me on this ;
as you can tell its mad early in the A.M. & im already
on this thing ! psshhhhh .. . SMH.

Some deep words .. .

" A beautiful girl can make you dizzy. Like youve been
drinking Jack and Coke all morning. She can make you
feel high-with the single greatest commodity known to man:


Promise of a better day. Promise of a greater hope. Promise
of new tomorrow. This particular aura can be found in the
gaze of a beautiful girl. In her smile, In her soul, how she
makes every rotten little thing about life seem like its
going to be okay. A beautiful girl is all powerful .. .

And thats as good as Love. "

- The Hundreds


and I dont feel that quote will ever get old to me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Musiq soulchild is coming back .

my new jam :]
musiq soulchild ft. mary j blige - if you leave

looks like hes coming back !
this single is off his upcoming
5Th album, 'On My Radio' .

i will definitely be copping that !

hola blogger !

New to the , ready to get this shxt poppin .. .
but for now chillen @ omies w the homies .