Monday, October 27, 2008

Just for Him .

well my lovely had recently wrote me something,
it had touched me so much the only thing I can
do is give him something in return, Now I'm not
a poet or anything but sometimes I do like to
write, I just need a bit of inspiration, & he
definitely has given it to me. So here it is.

I wanna keep this real, Just fill you in on the deal.
Sometimes theres no way to explain the way you make me
feel. Theres something I see in you that you don't. Ima
be by your side, ima hold you down. Your smile brightens
my day, & I just wanna say .. . your impeccable. It doesn't
matter what anyone else thinks, your perfect. Because of
you, I believe when they say impossible is nothing,because
you're truly something ..special. & For me, I'm only human ..
but ill do the best I can to keep that smile across your
face. Someday it'll be me & you. Until then, remember that
ill never let you down.. . theres no more stars, I'm
right next to you. hand & hand.. . only if you could ..

now lets take a trip to our own world ,
so I can show you why I'm 'that girl' .



Omie said...

aww. thats so sweett.
think im gonna go throw up now.
lol. jk..