Wednesday, December 31, 2008


schedule for the rest of the day :
  • out with mommy & sister
  • eyebrows
  • find shoes for tonight hopefully =/
  • makeup appt @ MAC
  • get ready
  • wifeys family party till the ball drops
  • AFTERPARTY w the crew
i hope everyone has a crunk && safe new years

happy new years Pictures, Images and Photos

p.s. my song for tonight is
"day n night" - kid cudi ;)

"pop champagne" - ron browns ft. jim jones


  • full filled my senior year & graduated
  • became LEGAL
  • Barack Obama is my president
  • attended 2 obama rallys
  • had VIP for my 18th bday w. my loves
  • got my car broken into
  • partied a whole lot in Miami
  • went on a bowling streak
  • started college
  • got 4 traffic tickets
  • saw over 30 new movies
  • gas prices went thru the roof but are now slowly coming down
  • solved alot of unfinished business
  • created a blogger account & facebook
  • visited newyork
  • took numerous amounts of random pictures
  • switched from captain morgan to hennessy
  • re-did my room & closet
  • read 2 books
  • celtics won the nba finals
  • saw Jay-z in concert twice , one was for free.
  • smoked way too many blunts
  • one of my sisters got pregnant
  • i got all A & B on my first college report card
  • had many unforgettable nights on royal palm
  • formed a special bond w my lovely
  • deaded my sidekick & got an iPhone
  • had 3 different jobs
  • went to orlando
  • figured out who some of my true friends are
  • made a bank account
  • laughs & cries
  • switched up my steellooo lol
  • attended rock the bells w omar ;; VIP status
  • method man touched my shoulder lol
  • became obsessed with accessories
  • the list is to be continued .. .

im ready to see what 09' has in store for me ,
hopefully its a good year , I have a good feeling :)

i got my champagne bottle ready for tonight .. .
ya tu sabe .. . MOETTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ATTN:: NEW Blogger!

Check out my big bro Phelos Blog ; its new so theres
nuthin yet but be sure to keep a look out for whats up
& coming, he is very unique! i mean just peep the name.

click the name to go to his page.

Throwback :)

aaliyah - one in a million

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton

cant wait to see what hes got in store for us! :)
too bad its only mens shoes but w.e. lol


I dont really rock my kicks anymore but ive always been a
Puma fan & id def. rock these , hmm just might have to cop
them :) lol

Undefeated x Puma Suede Mid ll

Puma First Round Scroll 80 Womens

Monday, December 29, 2008

new years hairstyle ?

Vanessa Hudgens Pictures, Images and Photos

Just something simple like this is what I have in mind ;
& smokey eyes to go with my black dress & pumps =D
what do you thinkkk??

+ vanessa hudgens always got cute ass hairstyles!


brody jenner Pictures, Images and Photos

friggin Brody Jenner on the hunt for his bestfriend?
you gotta be kidding me? smh ; the name "Bromance"
just makes it seem homo lmao. gosh what happening
to good t.v.?!! I swear MTV has been coming out w/
the wackest shit lately!

LaLaLaLaLa .. .

" what my friends say dont matter
youll be right here from the start
& ill get on my knees
i'll give you all of me
youll never leave my side

you love me
you complete me
you hold my heart in your hands
and its okay cause i trust that
youll be the best man that you can " x15

keyshia cole - you complete me ♥

Louis Vuitton "Evidence" Sunglasses


but this price is a killer
$ 675.00

Fabolous - Brooklyn We Go Hard (Freestyle)

Fabolous ! Pictures, Images and Photos
he went in on this track
click here to listen .

late night movie

romeo and juliet Pictures, Images and Photos

it'll never get old :) thanks HBO

Sunday, December 28, 2008

throwback :)

remember this?
next - wifey ;; this is STILL my jam


Baracko Pictures, Images and Photos

obama smoking that ish !

feelin it .. .

I would like to say that I am naïve.
I'd love to pretend that I don’t see
Your secret codes.
I know your methods.
And I know when I leave
My names is found
In a pile of dirt in the corner
And my existence
Doesn’t matter.
Or maybe it does when
Convient for you.
I would love to say I didn’t see
Her name pop up.
I would love to say
This was all just a misunderstanding
Maybe even coincidence.
But I don't think it is accurate to call it coincidence
If it happens all the time..
I digress.
I bite my tounge till it
Stings and the blood tastes
I clench my teeth,
Roll over and pretend like im sleep.
I don't want to know or see.
But I do.
I really really do.

&& I hope when you wake up, you get caught in your tears
and reality smacks you till you fall back asleep.


* def. was feelin that. check out her blog ;
she always got some ill poetry on there

Saturday, December 27, 2008

21 questions.

i heard this song lastnight while bowling w the homies ,
i recall it made it get a strike cuz this is my jammm :)

say what?!

ty : " he said it was the biggest mistake of his life "

phelo : " oh no , the biggest mistake of your life would be
if you had sex w william hung .. . id be right there like
wahhhhhhhhhhh "

lmfaoooooo . omg i just thought this convo was hilarious.

Friday, December 26, 2008

overview of the holidays.

so even though since i live in south florida it
didnt really feel like christmas , it was a chill
xmas year , not as exciting as most for some reason
but str8. i got a new hangbag & clutch :) , a dress
my aunt made for me (she got her own line) , some
earrings; giftcards/money from the fams & 2 new iphone
cases my fav colors green & blue from my lovely :)
i also got to chill w most of my closet friends.
now that christmas is over, its time to get ready
ready for new yrs & 09' :) ahhh i cant wait to start
fresh , "the old me is dead & gone" hehe.
well i hope everyone had good holidays .

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Charlie brown Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the holidays are here =]

i hope everyone has a great happy holidays & be safe!
today is christmas eve & im mad hype to go to my aunts
house tonight, all my cuzos are here & duh my whole fam.
every year we pick a theme for xmas, for example one yr
it was chinese theme , white xmas , the nightmare before
xmas theme , etc. (my aunt is one creative mofo i swear)
sooo this year the theme is rock & roll christmas , were
suppose to dress rock & roll sheek. all of our presents
are wrapped in black w. skulls & stuff, no my fams is not
gothic or on some addams family type ishh we just like to
have fun lol. also we gotta seperate into teams because
were going to be battling against eachother on rockband on
the big boy screeen! i havent been able to practice my
skills so hopefully my lil cuzos who play all the time
well be on my team :) well im off to do my hair .. .

"& the battle begins"- tyler (my sister) lmfaoo
rockband Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

early xmas gift :)

my new juicy couture keychain =D

Seven Pounds.

Seven Pounds Pictures, Images and Photos
a movie has not made me cry in awhile; but this movie
surely did the job. will smith was amazing as well as
the movie. if you haven't seen it i highly recommend
that you do. the story is unbelievable & it has left
me speechless.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Nas - Something Foul

Nas Pictures, Images and Photos

Something Foul - Nas

my favorite rapper , mr nasir jones - nasty nas - escobar .. .
whatever you wanna call em' he ripped it :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Justin Timberlake ft. T.I. - If I

if i - justin timberlake ft t.i.

loving this song .

ti Pictures, Images and Photos
just had to post a picture of him :)

CLK 63 AMG Black Series


its love :)

4dayss till xmas :)

christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

brooklyn gettin LITEEEE

this dance is crazy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Elf Yourself :)

so i was bored one day last week & found out about this
website from my dad/ch.7 news lmao it has to be the funniest
video ever to me lmfaoooo! here it is .. .


Send your own ElfYourself eCards

if you wanna make one of you & your friends
jus click the link above.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Young Jeezy - WHO DAT

ahhh i love jeezyyy ; this is my ishhhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

this is fxcking outrageous!



so i was going thru some blogs & as i was on
"please dont shoot me down" by porche i peeped this.

i NEVER have & NEVER will buy a soulja boy cd
but this song is catchy smh guilty as charged =X

just vibe with me .. .

blackstar - beautiful <3

(talib kweli)
You know what!
they say that beauty's in the eye of the beholder
so I use my third, and now our love is solid like a boulder
wanna build with you as I get older, and thats my word
sure as I stand on my ancestor's shoulders
you see through my drama and my world like a stage
not the same years but livin in the same age
its the KWELIty not the quantity
follow me
far from probably.
got to be, you and me
beau-ti-ful-ly fit,
like pieces of a man I used to be
now Im back because of what you do to me
you're like my reflection
the better half to my whole
like lyrics to the beat
you're the mate for my soul

the breath for my life, my sister and my lover
used to have cold feet, now you're the warmth under my covers
I cant ignore your aura because it grab me by the hand
like the moon pull the tide (mos & kweli)and the tide pull the sand

*one of my favorite songs :)


this movie looks so sick! 09 is def. looking like a big movie year.
this is also coming out in IMAX :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

once again; the remix is NOT necessary

wow; for this one im just shaking my head.
this song is perfectly fine with jus beyonce.
why r.kelly? whyyyyyyyyyy??!

if i were a boy remix - beyonce ft r. kelly

soooo i cant wait to see this!

point blankkk .


i will be broke because of xmas :( lol
but all my presents are for my special
selected people only & its worth it :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

feeling for a new read ??


check out my brobros up & coming blogspot!
he has just made one so gotta give him
sometime to get the hang of it but
hes always got sumthin on his mind to say,
& whether or not its something deep or
random , his words are def. something
to readover .. . check it out for yourself.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Afro Samurai Video Game ;)

now this is one of the hottest shows!
& i cant waitt for the video game :)
oh & hes buggin slicin up all these nude chicas lmao

release date: January 27, 2009
for XBOX360 or PS3
ahhh i need one :(

Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls

so i visited NY this past summer rightt .. .
& boyyy did i love brooklynnnnn ;)


well today my sister got a new tat
its on her ribs saying "come what may"
yes, she got the idea from the moulin rouge
song lol , i think it came outt hottt!


makes me want to get tattoo #3 :)

i need to stop .. .

driving like this ;(


idk how i do it .. .
but its nice to be on E,
then get a full gas tank
for $30 when gas is $1.71 :)

the final outcome.

ugh ; i have worked on this project for 3 effing weeks
its really hard to explain but basically the 1st image
(rose) starts to form into the background as the back-
ground from behind the rose comes forward as a vase w/
a bouquet of flowers, then forms back in the background
as the rose shape comes back up & froms the 3rd image
(the grl face). ya maybe that explained maybe it didnt
but it came out pretty hot, hopefully i get a good grade ;)


oh btw, i go to school @ the art institute for graphic design
for those who didnt know, this is design basics class.


i am in the DYING NEED of a new layouttt! urggggg.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

& sometimes the remix is NOT necessary!

soooo everyone knows; 75% of songs always have a remix
made .. . well the remix is suppose to be hot rightt??
but we all know that sometimes is not necessary cause
it makes the song worse. prime example - jazmine sullivan
"bust you windows remix" fet. the dream is TERRIBLEEEE!!
omggg , let her bust all the windows she wants geesshhh,
fall the fuck back dream! FALL BACK! lmao. gosshh.

hear this nonsense for yourself.

bust your windows remix - jazmine sullivan ft the dream

TAG! AshleyOutrageous is it!

directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random
things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose
ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose
them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and
to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since
you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i
can see your weirdness.

one: i hook up most of my friends myspaces randomly for the
heck of it cuz either str8 up i think it blows, or they ask
me too ;)

two: i have always wondereddd .. is it bad to smoke some erb
before you go into a tanning bed?? hmmmm .. .

three: i think i have OCD about washing my hands. seriously lmao

four: i am obbessesd with my iphone that i havent even had
for a month yet =/
& duhhhhh textinggggg! lol

five: online shopping is addicting

six: when i was a jit i used to breakdance, & dnt test me
cuz i still got some moves! ;)

seven: i want a new digital camera mine has turned into
a piece of SHIT!!

eight: i dnt like grapes. (it rhymes lmao)

nine: got damn you fineee! owwwwww! lmfaooo

ten: ok im stop tryna rap, but my homie SIN is a beast,
if you havent heard his tracks go to
& enjoyyy :)

eleven: hmmmm makes me think of 7/11 which tells me thatt .. .
i havent had a slurpee in a good minute! smh .. .

tweleve: i wanna be a straight A student throughout college.

thirteen: i wish i remember what i was doing at that age.
thats middle school righttt ??? lol

fourteen: "love is about progress not perfection"

fifteen: yoo mommaa!

sixteen: 09' .. . when the change comes, not just for me,
but for the country. OBAMAAAAAAA =D

-- its sorta been a long day so i rushedd through
this but still did it cuz JuJu tagged meee! muthasuckkaaaa! lmao

hmmm who shall i taggg ??

gettin that whatt ?!!



yup, thats me , samantha , & jassi gettin it in
@ club 330 in south beach doin the arab money
dance lmao. we literally waited all night for
them to play this song to get this picture!
shouts to our photographer ;; mr.oboogz himself ;)

psshhh you might as well jam too itt .. .

Arab Money ft Ron Browz - Busta Rhymes

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

something you should cop today .. .

Photobucket Photobucket

you dont know my name.

so i heard this song on the radio thiss morning on the
way to class & i forgot how crazy i was about this song
& video, alicia keys is def. one of my fav artists ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

lets get deep .

"true love is not loving a perfect person;
but loving an imperfect person perfectly. "

saw this on my homie JuJu's blog & thought this
quote was so deep i had to post it .

say what ?!!

say what's real - drake
he ripped this songgg!
off his upcoming mixtape "say no more"


say whats real - drake


soooo i have found the way to get FREE ringtones for
the iPhone ;) yuppp , so if you own one. go to & download ur ass off!
dont put any of your info in, search your song, then click customize
it for the certain part you want & length then you should see the
icon that says "download to iphone" , from there its pretty easy
of what to do; if you dont understand, they tell you on the site
as well.

and sometimes .. .

i wish it was just me & you ;;

against the world .

Saturday, December 6, 2008

day & night

kidd cudiiii .. . my jammm ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jayz- BROOKLYN go hard

this visual video is sick! crazy how they made his face
out of fxin lettersss!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

quote of the day .

"Im not tryna be nothing that you eva felt.. .
im just tryna be the one thing that you neva felt."

- charles hamilton ;)

& for the record .. .

I did purchase the Iphone 3G & yes ; i am obbessed :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

My new haircut!

lmfao ; my sister showed my this video & its hilarious!

finally gave in .. .

Yup! Me the anti-facebook girl has finally given in lol,
i now officially have a facebook & holy shit! you can find
anyone & everyone on that thing its insane! lol soo now ,
i have 3 things to update or check everyday .. smh
- myspace
- blogger
- facebook

kill me.. .
but i love it lmao