Sunday, December 28, 2008

feelin it .. .

I would like to say that I am naïve.
I'd love to pretend that I don’t see
Your secret codes.
I know your methods.
And I know when I leave
My names is found
In a pile of dirt in the corner
And my existence
Doesn’t matter.
Or maybe it does when
Convient for you.
I would love to say I didn’t see
Her name pop up.
I would love to say
This was all just a misunderstanding
Maybe even coincidence.
But I don't think it is accurate to call it coincidence
If it happens all the time..
I digress.
I bite my tounge till it
Stings and the blood tastes
I clench my teeth,
Roll over and pretend like im sleep.
I don't want to know or see.
But I do.
I really really do.

&& I hope when you wake up, you get caught in your tears
and reality smacks you till you fall back asleep.


* def. was feelin that. check out her blog ;
she always got some ill poetry on there


Anonymous said...

I will be checking her out...that was ILL!!!!:_)

Thanks Ash....)

tianam0nique.--* said...

thxx for thee love mamas =]!