Wednesday, December 31, 2008


  • full filled my senior year & graduated
  • became LEGAL
  • Barack Obama is my president
  • attended 2 obama rallys
  • had VIP for my 18th bday w. my loves
  • got my car broken into
  • partied a whole lot in Miami
  • went on a bowling streak
  • started college
  • got 4 traffic tickets
  • saw over 30 new movies
  • gas prices went thru the roof but are now slowly coming down
  • solved alot of unfinished business
  • created a blogger account & facebook
  • visited newyork
  • took numerous amounts of random pictures
  • switched from captain morgan to hennessy
  • re-did my room & closet
  • read 2 books
  • celtics won the nba finals
  • saw Jay-z in concert twice , one was for free.
  • smoked way too many blunts
  • one of my sisters got pregnant
  • i got all A & B on my first college report card
  • had many unforgettable nights on royal palm
  • formed a special bond w my lovely
  • deaded my sidekick & got an iPhone
  • had 3 different jobs
  • went to orlando
  • figured out who some of my true friends are
  • made a bank account
  • laughs & cries
  • switched up my steellooo lol
  • attended rock the bells w omar ;; VIP status
  • method man touched my shoulder lol
  • became obsessed with accessories
  • the list is to be continued .. .

im ready to see what 09' has in store for me ,
hopefully its a good year , I have a good feeling :)

i got my champagne bottle ready for tonight .. .
ya tu sabe .. . MOETTTTTTTTTTTTTT!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Ash!!!:)

Teesha said...

of course every one had an interesting year except me lol

Happy New Year =]