Tuesday, December 16, 2008

just vibe with me .. .

blackstar - beautiful <3

(talib kweli)
You know what!
they say that beauty's in the eye of the beholder
so I use my third, and now our love is solid like a boulder
wanna build with you as I get older, and thats my word
sure as I stand on my ancestor's shoulders
you see through my drama and my world like a stage
not the same years but livin in the same age
its the KWELIty not the quantity
follow me
far from probably.
got to be, you and me
beau-ti-ful-ly fit,
like pieces of a man I used to be
now Im back because of what you do to me
you're like my reflection
the better half to my whole
like lyrics to the beat
you're the mate for my soul

the breath for my life, my sister and my lover
used to have cold feet, now you're the warmth under my covers
I cant ignore your aura because it grab me by the hand
like the moon pull the tide (mos & kweli)and the tide pull the sand

*one of my favorite songs :)