Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the holidays are here =]

i hope everyone has a great happy holidays & be safe!
today is christmas eve & im mad hype to go to my aunts
house tonight, all my cuzos are here & duh my whole fam.
every year we pick a theme for xmas, for example one yr
it was chinese theme , white xmas , the nightmare before
xmas theme , etc. (my aunt is one creative mofo i swear)
sooo this year the theme is rock & roll christmas , were
suppose to dress rock & roll sheek. all of our presents
are wrapped in black w. skulls & stuff, no my fams is not
gothic or on some addams family type ishh we just like to
have fun lol. also we gotta seperate into teams because
were going to be battling against eachother on rockband on
the big boy screeen! i havent been able to practice my
skills so hopefully my lil cuzos who play all the time
well be on my team :) well im off to do my hair .. .

"& the battle begins"- tyler (my sister) lmfaoo
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Anonymous said...

I'm am so addicted to this....:)