Saturday, October 25, 2008

Longest game of Monopoly EVER!

Sooo last night I had played the longest game of monopoly.
This game lasted for I think over 3 hrs & it was full of
skemeing (oboogz) , mind twisting (omie), begging (jeannie),
brokeness (ezzy), & the holder of BOARDWALK (me) lmao. Soon
some of us had to give up & decided it was a tie between omie
& omar .. . sneaky bastards lmao.It was certainly very fun
though. Monopoly night is about to be a monthly thing ahaa.
I do have videos of this intense game (thanks to sin), theyll
be up shortly.


p.s. HSM 3 was AMAZING! ;)


Nellz said...

I need to get up on that..omie always talks about those games at his house....sounds like fun! xoxo