Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sooooo the craziest thing had happened today, me & omie are
on out way to alfys casa to pick him up. Well I pull in 1st
& park, everythings fine. Omies pulls up & says "hey, did
you see that guy @ the front with the binoculars?". Im like
wtf is this guy talking about?! what guy?! So alfy gets in
the car & us being very interested in what this man was doing,
we go by again to see if hes there. 1st thing hes not standing
up anymore & we think hes gone, until we look @ the bushes &
this man is crouched down in the bushes in fxcking camoflauge!
were on royal palm ok, what in the hell is this man doin in
camo, with binoculars, hiding behind bushes? So obviously
were buggin out like omg whats he doingg??? We come back say
30mins later & hes still there!! Looking like hes plotting
something! At this moment were thinking about if its maybe
because we had just smoked? Or who knows! & to top it off
alfy has to suggest .. ."wow, what if we were just driving
by again & we get snipped through the window?" lmfaoo

had to be the funniest part of the day ahahaaa.


Marley the Martian said...

army camoflauge ass dude.. about to snipper heads off

Nellz said...

wow that is weird as hell..shit knowing me i would have called the damn police just in case alfy conclusion would have been correct...geezz...but that is someshit that u dont see everyday....ughhh its least i have your blogs and other things to read to keep my brain activeeeee..latas xoxo