Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To My Followers;

Sorry for my lack of updates! I know before i was on point everyday & kept you guys up to date, ive just been busy lately, lots of things going on with PME & easily sidetracked *joe budden voice* LOL & I also admit, that I am guilty of being addicted to twitter & I think the rest of us bloggers can agree. haha, its like mini blogging :) but anyways! Ima get back on my game & do what I do! feeelssss meeee? haha

well heres some words of wisdom for the day :)
Good Morning. Today we CAN make great things happen. If its a desire and you want it bad enough and work on it hard enough,, IT'S POSSIBLE! The scripture says, “with God ALL things are possible!” Remember not impossible but,, HIM-POSSIBLE!

God is Love
Rev Run


Kevi said...

Bri made me an awesome page so i couldn't resist, lol.