Wednesday, June 10, 2009

boy band days . . .

so as i was in the car yesterday with my sister & friend,
we began to talk about how crazy we used to be over boy
bands like nsync & backstreet boys, or even the spice girls!
lmfao soooo we just had to find the songs & jam out haha
me & my sisters were def. NSYNC fans over backstreet lmao
& i just had to post their first video along with this cause
no girl can say they didnt like this song!


JKisz said...

i remember them! and i used to know the WHOLE DANCE to this song and to "Bye Bye Bye" ooooh giiiirl! lmfao. but i used to like "Gone" too! okay. i've said too much. =x

AMA2009 said...

lmao we sooo were nsync fans this is great!!

JuJu said...

hahahahh wow; taking it way back!! LOL loves it!

Lyrik .x Stushy-Marie said...

I forgot the name of their song .. But the hanson boys use to be the sit ..

Nsync . I was like the only black i knew who use to go crazy over nsync lol .. I love boy bands .

Fallout boy = <3

Ńique_ Famous* said...

Backstreet Boys & N'SYNC were my groups.