Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poetry Night

So lastnight me & some friends went to a bar our friend
promotes that has poetry nights, but every wednesday is
"erotic night" LOL so yesterday being wednesday, & us
having nothing planned, decided to go check it out. Ive
never been to live poetry, only watched it on the tv. So
it was my first time to something this this, especially
"erotic poetry" & it was amazing! they way they cn explain
things in such detail had me in a wow! my friend Desirée
even performed two pieces of her own & she killed it!
everyone they had was talented! they also had a guest
star by the name of B. Yung who has been seen on HBO's
show presented by Russel Simmons: Brave New Voices.
its just like def poetry jam, but this is for the youth. Ive
never had the chance to really watch it but it seems pretty
dope. anyways this dude B. Yung is a beast! I even bought
a CD from him for $10 to support him. heres a clip of him
off of Brave New Voices so you can feel what im sayin...
he goes hard on this piece like you could almost feel his pain.

click here; to see brave new voices 1st episode.
hes the first one to come up & tell you about himself.