Tuesday, June 23, 2009


50 - I'll Do Anything

OK either its because im blitted or this video is just hilarious?
The minute it started I was already laughing, I mean ive liked
50 since "Get Rich or Die Tryin" came out & I believe that was
his hardest album! His music after that was good here & there
& the mixtapes were hot but then he kinda like fell off, & now
this CRAP?! lmao i admit its like a lil catchy, but not as much
as I would wanna download it or something, I mean his jacket
was hot but all that logo shit isnt poppin anymore LOL. too
much I think, & then that "Ill....(pause)...Do Anything (fast)" is
HA-FREAKIN-LARIOUS! no idea why but im dying at this
video, honestly I feel like im going with a THUMBS DOWN
for this, SMH @ you 50! & WTF IS BooBootTv? lmao