Monday, February 9, 2009

Start From Scratch

If I could start my life from scratch;
If I could take away the pain off my past;
If I had another chance I would do just that;
I'd give anything just to go right back.

how im feeling lately .. .


Taylorgotbeats said...

this was one of my favorite songs on that album, the hook was so crazy!

kmx. said...

i have times when i'm feeling like that. i'm not exactly sure how i got over it, but I think it was definitely time, and just keeping it movin. The past is just that, so that's where it should be left.

Stay up love.

BrittNicole said...

thats real.... i feel yu
dope songg=)

tianam0nique.--* said...

never been a big fan of the game buuuuuh i like this song!!!!!

loveee the hook!

Elle said...

Some of his best work to date. You can almost feel his pain through the speakers. Follow the blog home skillet.