Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i love ME

finally realized that I need to start doing
things for me & not worrying so much about
others; I mean its my personality to be the nice
& generous person that I am; but sometimes I
may do it too much to the point where im not
happy. hmm sounds like time for a little change.

everyone should at least show some
love to themselves sometimes ;)


back in the day when I was 16;
my mom wanted pictures of me thats all lol


tianam0nique.--* said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! =D

BrittNicole said...

I feel yu on that one.
i always feel like i dont think about myself enough than others..
take time for yurself.
nice pic too

JKisz said...

yessssssss! i love it. i myself need to do the same and stop trying to do so much for others. it's not that i need to stop altogether; it's just the simple fact that when you do so much for others, you tend to ignore your own needs. don't need that! great post! and daaaaaaaamn! you looked like that when you was 16? hawt mama! lol

JuJu said...

i feel you; i had to learn the hard way to love myself first before others; and now that i do.. couldnt be happier!

kmx. said...

I've always been pretty selfish. I rarely help people out, unless I trust/care for them deeply. But I feel you because those people I cared for, have shitted on me. So now it's all about me, myself, and kmx!

That pic?! WOAH HOTTIE ALERT! Haa ♥

NAEROX* said...

i completely understand .
...very pretty pic btw.

xXMarie the MistressXx said...

oh man, wow. that seems so classic. like what i see in an r & b album. that's a cool picture

Lyrik Marie said...

U were 0ne grown looking 16 year 0ld .. Lol .. None-the-less .. You're really pretty