Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recap of Oboogz Bday Weekend.

+ well for starters; thursday is when it popped off
oboogies official bday.
+ tacos for the bday dinner @ mi casa
+ ended with a latenight smoke session; but he didnt smoke lol
+ FRIDAY;; hotel party; 19th floor bitchesssss ;)
+ everyone was feelin pretty niceee haha
+ night didnt end how we wanted , got kicked out the telly smh.
+ but spent my night with my lovely
+ spelt basically all day saturday
+ dominican party @ sins casa on saturday night
+ mommys bday today, went to habachi for dinner
+ & guess what; im worn out! lol back to school 2mm ugh.
++ but heres some pics.
me & my lovely bday boy ;)
birthday shot!
the boys.

+ wooshh it was an intense weekend haha.
+ video coming soon lmao


briit said...

looks like you guys had fun! =]

Princess Katrina said...

:) nice pics!