Wednesday, February 4, 2009


this may be random but I just really need a BLUNT!
BADDD! smh; i swear today is not my day; 1: I feel like
nothing is progressing lately. 2: I cant stand girls at the
current moment smfh; I just hate all the shit/backstabbing/
bullshit/thinking that everything revolves around them/
the on my shit all the time shit!/EVERYTHING! & then
people wonder why I only fxcks with a few. 3: my hands are
fxcking cold for some reason & I live in south florida smh.
4: I need to stop worrying so much about others & put ME
first; all I ask for is appreciation & I barely get it from anyone.
ughhhhhh sometimes I wanna just scream at the top of my
lungs & cry my eyes out till theres nothing left; I feel alot of
stress lately & dont know the cause of it. I wish I could tell
people that im happy & I love my life; but something isnt right.
I feel like i have no one to talk too sometimes because when I
do; I cant stand peoples remarks. its like people I listen to are
complete strangers. I barely get to be with my bestfriend
anymore because she works all the time & then is with her
boyfriend. I barely see my friends during the week cause ive
basically become a homebody & dont like to be out; then when
the weekend comes; it feels like it flys by in a flash then its
back to bullshit. then theres him. who all I ask for sometimes
is alone time but he always works & basically theres only time
on the weekends. ughhhh dont know whats wrong with me,
watever, hopefully this blunt will do me good.



kmx. said...

We all feel this sh*t sometimes. If you feel like "screaming at the top of your lungs & crying your eyes out till theres nothing left" then do it!

It might not solve anything realistically, but I know it makes me feel a hell of a lot better and the bullshit you're surrounded with seems to become much bearable.

Fck females, straight up. Except the circle of them you have. Things will progress, just give it time. About the hands thing...idk. My hands and feet are like that, it could be 70 degrees out and they'll feel like popsicles and shit, idk, weird. Maybe I'm like, some other typa creatre or something. (That'd be so fckn cool! Maybe you are too!! I'm Yes, I agree, ME first, then others later is the mentality to have because if you don't take care of yourself, who else will? Appreciation will come from those who really care for you, if someone you want to give it to you, isn't giving it to you, them fck em, they don't realize how freakin GREAT you are.

I know you mean physically talk to, but I, and the rest of your blogfam, is here whenever you wanna talk!

Stay up girl, may feel like life's shitting on you now but it will get better in time. =]

JAYFENDii said...

yea def here for yu whenev yu need to vent.. def understand how you feel!.. just take a deep breath count all the good things that has and is happening in your life then compare them to the amount of bad and which every out weighs the other is what you should focus on .. hopefully the pros out weigh the cons and you can be happy for all the good things that are happening in life ..

any who.. here for ya.. keep ya head up.. theres always a step before run if that makes any sense.

Ashley Outrageous said...

thanks to both of you; that did make me feel alot better. thanks listening to my bullshit lmao

Nellz said...

im late but we all feel like that at times.....the best things in life shit happens with it sometimes I mean that as like boyfriend husband bestfriend female or cant be perfect all the there will be times u get like that and yesterday was the one of the worst days of my life but i cant let but nothing will make u feel better other than words nothing it takes time to get all happy like i always see you...

xoxo and trust me david works 6 days a week i miss my hubby =[ so i feel you on that mama