Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Oh So Deep .. .


When I dreamt upon a star,
you were my dream come true
no desire for games
baby I only wanted you

then my love got in the way
and all of it's sticky feelings
you weren't ready to be attached
you only wanted sexual healing.

But blame you, I don't
cuz you're the only love I know
stupidity got in my way
but my smarts are starting to show...

& I'm starting to grow
into a bigger and better me
so, resent you I can't
cuz you're still ever so lovely.

my only disappointment is
you didn't love you
so you couldn't have loved me,
which means "we" & "us" were never true

but your in my heart for an eternity .

- ill;kinda
* one of my fav. bloggers ;)