Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cant Sleep =/

welp ; im back at it. Cant fall asleep for shit so ima blog .. .
I feel like smackin' a chick i swear ; some girls are just so
foolish it actually amuses me. I really dont fucks wit many
females but the few that i do i know are REAL. I can be friends
with everyone but some i just choose not to get close too; thats
why i have my chosen few & love them all! fuck with them; you
seriously will hear it from me. All of us females know we dont
fucks wit eachother on a certain level & that we only got our
close girlfriends. Its just sometimes girls try to get other
girls mad on some dumb shit like are we 12? nope. didnt think
so. So ima just brush this off; cause she aint nuthin. YUP! ;)
well shouts to my few favess --->>>> Vanessa::my otherhalf, my
bestfriend since 3rd grade. Samantha::My real bitch!, my backbone,
my wifey lol. Tyler:: My amazing sister, my world, my unique blood.
'The boys':: My brothers; too many to name, but i cherish you all.
Omar:: my lovely, my deep mysterious soul, my amazing. Alfy:: my
biffle, my dutch master lol, my dominican muthasucka! Snake:: my
brobro, my hiphop teacher. omie homie:: my blogger, my almost famous
friend, my always down for wateva homie.

i really have way too many friends & i care for you all, but everyone
always has their close ones & at this moment, these are the few :)

currently vibin to; Charles Hamilton - Staff Development Mixtape

me && some of my amazing friends ; unforgettable night .