Friday, November 21, 2008

Every Night Before I Go to Sleep .. .

i read this .. .

Alone at night gazing at the stars.
I chose one & said thats my star.
Night after night I would look into the sky.
Never dissapointed because my star was always there.
Brightest ive ever seen & sitting up there so high.
I talk to the star, I laugh with the star,
I even cry with the star.
That star is something special.
Good times or bad times, I knew I could count on my star.
Never disappointed because the star was always there.
But then one night the star went from a far distance to
getting closer & closer to me.
Within an instance the star entered my world.
The star that I once gazed at in the sky is no longer in the sky.
That star is now sitting by my side.
Now we look in the sky together seeing no more stars.
just us,
chillin' in our own world.

- lovely x15
something just for me,
& it means everything :)



Nellz said...

that is fucking cute...xoxo

ill;kinda said...

aw thats soooo sweet :)