Monday, November 24, 2008

Fitted Wars.

so ; im leaving my bestfriend in NY a myspace comment
& i peep this boy leaving her all these cute comments
below me, her being my bf i wanna know who is this guy?!
so i go to his page & all that w.e. but there was a lil
thing that had me dying & i thought of my lovely omar &
my biffle alfy. if you know them youll be laughing too.
- so heres the 1st picture.
with a caption of
" fuck boston their garbage "
& he really owns this hat! i just didnt feel like taking
that many pics from him ahaa

- 2nd picture.
with a caption of
" yankees all day "

well if you didnt know ; these two (omar&alfy)
have an on going; neverending; constant battle
between which team is better & what hat is hotter.
smh ; looks like this guys on your side o boogz! lmfao