Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ludacris - Theater of Mind

well ; idk about anyone but NEW RELEASE tuesday is one
of my favorite days out of the week. Today Ludacris
releases his new album 'Theater of Mind'. He is definetley
one of my favoriute south rappers; many people dont
really know his potential but he is seriously a beast,
if you dont have his 1st album 'back for the 1st time'
that was released in 2000 your slacking!
theater of mind Pictures, Images and Photos
well hopefully ill have time later to go purchase it,
best buy always got some deals ;)

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JuJu said...

i agree.. people def sleep on ludacris but he is a beast.. i am def gonna have to go purchase this album within the next few days!

Kofi Bofah said...


Yup the first album was tight.

I have not listened to him extensively since then.

I listen to his work on the radio and my college roommate would bump that DTP album.