Sunday, November 23, 2008


wow; amazing movie. i loved it. definitely wanna go see it again ;)
heres a lil inspiration .. .

his love for her is endless ;
the way he looks at her is mysterious ;
how she feels about him is so compelling .. .
the way they are two different people ..
makes it beautiful .
she accepts his flaws as he does hers .. .
she is the only one for him .
her knowing that makes her heart melt ,
so they maintain to stay strong. ..
someday ill feel the same thing ,
someday he'll sweep me off my feet ,
he'll show me how he cares ,
he'll accept me for me & not care what anyone
else thinks .. .
he'll be perfect ,
he would be my weakness .. .
Ive been waiting for him , & he knows im here.
he just hasn't found me yet.
or found himself .. .

or maybe hes afraid to have someone
love him for who he is back .. .

just maybe .. .

- me