Friday, January 23, 2009

girl fight

lmfao. this has to be the funniest shit everrr!
I hated these fights in highschool when the girls
are LITERALLY fighting like cats; I mean come on
stick that bitch in her shit! ahaa its funny as
hell too when buddy in the back gets jumped! lmao
its only entertainment! ;)


kmX said...


What did homegirl in the ed think she was accomplishing?! I hope she wasn't the blonde chics friend and callin herself "helpin her out" because she wasn't doin squat.

& I peeped dude in the back...&

JEH SiCK UH ! said...

lmao; i was gon say the same thing..what did homegirl in the red have set in her mind she was doin... come on now; let's make fists!!! i hate the whole scratchin nd pullin hair ish ! ahhh.

Nique_ Famous* said...

They all deserve to get their ass beat by someone who can fight (lol).

JKisz said...

lmfaooooo. i'm STILL laughing about this. dumbasses!

JuJu said...

lmfao; hahah hell yea i remember these fights from the high school days; and the crowd circles around jes WAITING to see whats gonna pop off.. haha.. homegirl GOT IT IN THO.. and wtf was bitch in the red doing swinging like a monkey?? haha.. dos muchos!!

ariele said...

since when is slapping fighting?
she shouldve just beasted her shit and got it over with.

ill;kinda said...

hahaha .
wtf is the chick in the red doing ?
she was pissing me off ! lol