Sunday, January 18, 2009

iSupport 2FRESH


Remember those group of kids in your highschool
who were always dancing in the lunch room;
hallways; hyping up the pep rallys; etc.? Well
thats who these 8 boys are right here; my friends
from highschool who always had everyones attention.
They formed a dance group in school called 2FRESH.
Recently they have been selected to compete on
B E T's 106th & park Wild. Out. Wednesday.
But they are in the need of sponsors & donations to
help them actually get out there. They are trying to
chase their dreams & be put on the map. If you can
please donate here (paypal) or comment me with
info for sponsors, they would really appreciate it .

words from the crew .

heres some videos you can check out.

Last Pep Rally

The Real Last Pep Rally


**EnteR at Y0uR 0wN Risk** said...

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Ashley Outrageous said...


Rich said...

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