Friday, January 16, 2009

Polyvore x My Must-Haves

i couldnt sleep so as im looking through some blogs
i get the idea to make collage of things i must always
have on thanks to the girls over @


this is all i could really think of at this moment
because its currently 5:03 am. fxck im going to BED!


Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

That's gotta be my favorite Mobb album, hands down.

"Survival of the Fittest" is one of the best hip-hop songs, ever.

"There's a war goin on outside no man is safe from..."

Tommy said...

You def need an iPhone I've been running my whole site with it for the passed 6months....oh and I agree you def need Stillmatic

Ashley Outrageous said...

yessss! iphone runs my life now after having a sidekick for 2yrs & im addicted to nas.