Friday, January 30, 2009


Joe buddens - 10 mins.

" don't appreciate a man and you lose him,
worst thing to do to an innocent man is accuse him "

thats his old ishhh . .
&& who said jumpoff joe beezy wasnt the truth?


April Rose said...

"Some days I'm reachin for the thing in the dresser. Some days I'm not invincible and I feel the pressure. Like if everyone's dependin on me, and I just stop........ Then what the fuck happens?"

Love this track. Love this man. JERSEY!

Taylorgotbeats said...

man I love this song, its one of his best, def one of the realest tracks on the album, chain smoking and just talkin upon real life

diplomatikk said...

you get HELLA props for knowing that joe budden song. lol, i see we're going to get along fine :)

Yves said...

HE is so slept on.

SICKNESS said...

Very slept on.