Thursday, January 22, 2009

serious throwback

now i kno my ladies remember this .. .

so did anyone realize that girl in the middle most of the
time; the one who vanished off the face of the earth & the
other 2 became cheetah girls lol; is the girl who played lil
kim in the notorious movie?? ya i just realized that lmao
not even intending to find that out.


JEH SiCK UH ! said...

WELL DAMN; you through it WAYYY back.. lmaoo i know dis shit used to be mad females theme songs. why these girls go from 3LW to CHEETAH girls? i need answers lmaoo!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was singing this to all the boys...NO MOOOOREEE!!!:)

Now, I have a man!!:)

simone_dior said...

lmao, oh shit!! i knew the name 'naturi' sounded familiar, but i didn't think it was ole girl from the original 3lw .
i secretly liked this song back in the day, even though i was like 22, lol

clearly they should have let her do the rap. cause that "ughhhh what what" in notorious was dead on. i was dying laughing in the theater.

Andrina said...

But chick in the middle is the actress who's playing lil kim in the notorious movie...isnt she?

Ashley Outrageous said...

yupp! thats herr!

ill;kinda said...

this was hellla a throwback :)
& yea I knew that was her . I saw it in a vibe magazine like 9 months ago or something .

Super Woman said...

@ill;kinda it was KING mag i dont think she did Vibe.

OH YEAH and I guess them cheetah bitches is mad now. Look who's in hollywood bitchessss!!!!