Sunday, January 25, 2009

we shut it down lastnight!

heres some pics of the crew lastnight shuttinn
it down in VIP for the homie Jwillos birthday!




everyone was CRUNK!


Anonymous said...

Ashley looking CUTE!!!!!

Nellz said...

we sure did!! it was super fun =]

JuJu said...

lookin fly; those typa nights are always the best!!

tianam0nique.--* said...

pretty pretties! looks like a fun night!!

O Boogz said...

fun night. my job shut down that lil VIP section we was in. lol. club was cool. dj could've been a lil betta though.

Ashley Outrageous said...

mad little cip section lmao

Nique_ Famous* said...

Damn y'all roll deep, oh I see my homie J Nellz in the mix, truuuu y'all look like you had mad fun.

We need to have a blogspot party (HAHAHA)