Monday, January 19, 2009

welcome to the party life .


found this picture while doing my morning web-surfing ,
HOVA poppin' the magnum bottle of Ace Of Spades!
& i wonder how much cheedar cheese that was?! smh.
i wanna party with this man geessshhhhh! ahaha


-bonnie marie; said...

doopeee. id kill to party w this dude.

Taylorgotbeats said...

its gotta be a lot cuz I was at this party and they had 1 but it was grey goose and that was 3Grand so the ace of spades gotta be more

Omie said...

well since he is the face of the brand. Im sure he paid nothing, the owners were grateful enuff to donate .. all part of the marketing scheme to get peopel to buy the product.

O Boogz said...

wtf HOV! why does he have to do this?? there are least 10 bottles on the table. i know a regular bottle cost like $1000 @ the club so it probably cost like $5000 for the magnum!

Ashley Outrageous said...

it had too! smh i wanna party with him!!!