Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what happened to anthony hamilton?

hes such a beast!
one of my fav songs, 'charlene'

Charlene - Anthony Hamilton

"Baby I'll be, Sitting here waiting on you to come home
. I won't leave, Promise I'll be here to the very end
By your side, To protect you and to love you and to be
with you for life
, Come on home to me Charlene"


JEH SiCK UH ! said...

WOW; this really used to be my shit! .. he's soo ill, your right what the hell happened to him?

Anonymous said...

I agree....a beast!!!!!

Taylorgotbeats said...

his voice is so timeless, last I heard of him he worked on the American Gangsta soundtrack and some work this year coming up

dauche said...

he hasn't gone anywhere girl ! lol he's coming out with a new album. i went to his concert not too long ago (tour to promote his new album) we shall be getting that new fire soon :) can't wait. i love me some him. ahaha