Wednesday, January 7, 2009

who is that?

wondering whats on my playlist?
well its miguel jontel & hes an upcoming artist who
has a beautiful voice; this song 'be my vixen' is my
favorite. hes got other songs like 'sure thing' that most
people recognize but check him out; hes pretty iLL.

MIGUEL JONTEL Pictures, Images and Photos

I tried to find his myspace for you guys to check out
but it seems he has only fan made ones.


ill;kinda said...

so is this the same guy who has quickie??
I freakin' love that song..

"[[ I don't wanna be loved , I don't wanna be loved , I just want a quickie, no bite marks no scratches & no hickies.]]"

Ashley Outrageous said...

yesss quickie thats him! lol

* - misnomer . said...

ahhh Miguel, i've been on his shxt for awhile now , " sure thing " & " quickie " - woot woot . he is ILL .