Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boyfriend #2?

ok lets start off by watching the video.

alright; so yea this song is catchy, i usually always liked
stuff frompretty ricky (group pleasure used to be in), plus
they hometeam & i knew them before they even blew up,
seriously & they cool people. anyways; now lets get to the
point; the concept of this song is kinda OUTRAGEOUS
to me. you ask why? hmmm, if dude is not payin attention
to you why you still with him but got boyfriend #2? doesnt
make any sense. personally im just not fked up like that;
if my manisnt doing his part in the relationship why should
i stay but cheat on him with a boyfriend #2? smh. i understand
some people dont carebut i believe in karma & i wouldnt do
it just because i wouldnt want someone to do that to me feel
me? like be straight up with the person & get it over with;
dont be sneakin around with 'boyfriend #2' lmao. like if
boyfriend #2 is "pleasing you" better stay with his ass geessh!
so, now this makes me wonder; do alot of people have a
boyfriend/girlfriend #2? and if so why? why not just stop the
relationship with #1? LOL gotta name them 1 & 2 & shieettttt.
so let me know your thoughts readers! im quite curious,
seriously. i still like the song hehe


diplomatikk said...

to keep it g;
i don't get the boyfriend #2 business either.

actually... i don't get the boyfriend business as a whole - but that's besides the point lol.

thing is, if shit ain't workin' out - i would be out as soon as i saw the door. niggas be tryna stay 'cause of materialistic reasons, when they not really happy.

if i ain't happy, i'm gone.

& "sure thing" is my fuckin' jam. lol.

JuJu said...

you right; catchy song - i do like.

i dont agree wit the boyfriend # 2 biz tho ; if im not satisfied with # 1 imma bounce.. no need for shady games. but surprisingly i know a lot of guys who are content playing boyfriend # 2 ; they get the benefits they want w/0 the seriousness. lame i know.

Anonymous said...

I think some chicks just like the titles of a relationship.

toytoyy said...

ok so thing is my song first off [sure thing]

& the funniest facebook status i seen with this song is [i might be boyfriend #2 but you're girlfriend #5] lmfao...i dnt think anybody gets it.

Athena Christine. said...

i agree with diplomatikk and juju.

if number one fucking up...he's gone.

Unbreakable said...

#2 is kinda of a good place to play if your a guy who is not ready to settle down.

But I don't believe in cheating, so if your in a relationship keep it 100

Ńique_ Famous* said...

LOL love this song, I'm not a cheater because for some reason I get where he's coming from. But I understand how everyone else is like why is he promoting cheating.