Monday, March 30, 2009

Rock The Bells 2009


Ive gone to this concert for the past 2 years in Miami
& im so excited to go again! if youve never gone; id recommend
attending in your area; its definetly an amazing concert for real
hip hop lovers. On April 7th theyll be announcing this years line-up!


supreme. said...

i wanna go so bad.

diplomatikk said...

you on point like shit for the americas suitehearts remix with joe beezy ...

i was coming to your blog to ask if you had heard it lol.

but, OBVIOUSLY ... you have.


Ashley Outrageous said...

we think alike!

ariele said...

i went last to years out here in frisco and it was mos def fun. everybody should go cuz there really is something for everybody there. hell my moms went last year with me and thought it was bomb.

jigga ! said...

have i ever mentioned how much i hate living in pretty sure this tour has NEVER made its way ! LOL.

Taylorgotbeats said...

I love Rock The bells I cant wait until it comes back to So Cal