Sunday, March 15, 2009

weekend recap!

This weekend was amazing! Spent it with the PME family.
SIN & Chorde spit some fire in the studio! NEW TRACKS
COMING SOON! yall are not ready yet seriously. Also, be
on the lookout for some behind the scenes videos! Friday
& Saturday was all about making music & gettin twist lol.
Sunday was a chill day, woke up feelin good feelin great;
had a quick PME meeting about our up & coming photo-
shoot ;) & then headed to the bbq for some coronas &
guitar hero! I WILL be PRO on that game soon! haha.




Taylorgotbeats said...

haha I need to step my guitar hero game up, I waitin to hear these tracks u talkin about

supreme. said...

i love guitar hero.

JKisz said...

sooooo i'm pretty decent with guitar hero. need to step my game up lol.

Anonymous said...

woo guitar hero - girl i gave u an award on ma blog =)