Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poetry Vibe.

Love aint much but a gamble
Give it a dice roll

Bet on them little butterflies your stomach get

bet on stability

whats the likelihood?

More often then not, both die land on infedelity

I put down my cards

Threw away the chips


All i really want is a cat to chill with

a cat to share life's thrills with

play wu tang and nas albums to pass time

be his bonnie he my clyde

wipe his face when he cries

slide thru politick about love, life and art

enjoy miami's weather

sit on the hood of my car

kindergarten crush him

i got zelda & mario kart

my own key to his door

he supply the blunts and the N64

put his fingers in my hair

pillow fights on the floor

knowing a kiss will later soften playful blows to the jaw

more than my man

my other half

be my nigga

yes my all

and when i'm hot late night its him i call

share heated moments & laugh bout the nite before

and realize when he touch me

nothin really matters no more

'fuck the dudes before

H.I.M. better than them

better than the next could be

though next could never be

none exist but he

still dreamin

close my eyes

wishing that that fallin star dont fall too far

gimme something out the ordinary

a superman for lois lane

and if he's out there

God just let me know his name

This is a friend of mine; Shes a beast.
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