Wednesday, September 16, 2009

LIVE from the MacBook Pro


so my baby (iMac) is down :( ugh im dying without it! I take it to the doctor (apple store) thursday so well see what the problem is.. . hopefully I dont lose all my stuff cause that would seriously SUCK! smh. for now ive been blogging from my sisters nice new MacBook Pro or unfortunatley, a PC lmao its so wierd going on a computer using windows to me now, havent owned one for about 3 yrs now. well until the iMac is back up & working, ill be trying my best to keep you updated! stay tuned!


Unbreakable said...

awwww sorry for that poor note book> I will be going to Mac shopping next month for my birthday,thinking about the Pro or the Mac book.

briana said...

Macbook Pro's the way to GO!!! lmao :)