Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mini NookaNooka


Nooka Inc. has teamed up with legendary artists and toy designers Jeremy Madl, Ilovedust, Shin Tanaka and Matthew Waldman to commemorate the release of the new mini NookaNooka. Created by Waldman, the NookaNooka is an urban vinyl collector’s toy. Not only is it made of similar materials as other Nooka products, it also represents our innovative approach to design, pushing the limits of creativity and changing the way people think about objects.

The NookaNooka’s physiology is transient, eternal in his world and ephemeral in ours - beyond imagination - like something you are told is not real, like something you can’t taste, but can feel. Jeremy Madl, ilovedust, Shin Tanaka and Matthew Waldman displayed their artistic talent by designing their own custom mini NookaNooka collabs. Look for the mini NookaNooka to be released in November 2009.