Tuesday, September 8, 2009

who is Lensley Automatic?

This is Lensley. The Lensley Automatic brings all the fun of a traditional photobooth to any event. With interchangeable lenses, color options, and backdrops the portrait combinations are endless. Just press the screen and the booth shoots 4 photos and creates a 4x6" print with an area for custom branding. The entire process takes under a minute! The "booth" is open air, which means that you can capture the party as well as those taking pictures at the booth (see examples). Or, it can be set up with curtains for a traditional photobooth look. I found out about this awesome device frm My homie Eazee who had some cool pictures as his twitter background & he told me they were takin from here! I wish they had one of these around my way.. .


check out their site; www.Lensley.com


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