Monday, December 21, 2009

The ILLZ - The Pursuit LP


After months of recording, The ILLZ's the highly anticipated "The Pursuit LP" has finally dropped Hip-Hop artist The ILLZ delivers 11 solid tracks, all with their own unique, emotional journeys. Fans will recognize internet sensations "Heaven (Higher)" and "Melfi", as well as "Prelude to the Sickness" featured on's freestyle series. In true ILLZ fashion, the album is a mix of eclectic, alternative/rock-tinged beats with a few surprises thrown into the mix, such as the New York club-scene flavored, "Let it Fall" and the gritty, Hip-Hop underground track "Dark Side of the Moon". Fans and skeptics alike will see a wide range of emotion, depth of character, and full spectrum of what Hip-Hop music can be.