Friday, January 8, 2010

REUPSPOT Presents: New Slang


It’s a New Year, and a New Decade. So we of course got that New Music for you. We’ve been bringing you dope music since we kicked off six months ago, so in 2010 you can expect even more. We’ve been trying to spread this REUP shit as much as we can, and promote this real Hip Hop. No weak shit. So, we got this ‘New Slang’ for ya.

Featuring K. Sparks, Young Brizz, XV, JY, Frank Ramz, PHZ-Sicks, J. Ellis, The Werd & 89, BOOGNIGHTS, PreMiere, The ILLZ, Aime, propaYne, S-preme, Mark II, bradUn DeShay & Pete Mars, The Dropouts, Jones Andrews, D. Julien, Soopah Smash Bros, LOGICS, L.I.R.I.X.,Jay-Cro, & NatStar. The tape is mixed by DJ ReMike. In other words, real lyricists producing dope hip hop. Support Real Shit. Spread this around, tell a friend, or enemy.